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Gas Regulator Adjustment

When looking at and/or adjusting the gas regulator, always be sure to follow safe firearm handling by ensuring that the shotgun is unloaded, magazine is removed and the breech is clear using the bolt hold open and a safety round or other chamber blocking device!

The gas regulator can be found on the front of the gas tube above the barrel. Unlike other firearms, shotgun ammunition comes in a wide variety of (FPS) energy loads. Not enough energy results in poor cycling and possible feeding issues, while too much energy can expedite unnecessary wear on the platform. This Gas Regulator allows the user to dial in for each specific type of ammunition. It has four different settings. Each setting indicated by a different sized dot from smallest to largest. The smallest dot is no gas/closed. Use this setting for very heavy loads in excess of 1,500fps. Your shotgun will still cycle given enough energy, even in the off position. The next dot is for 30% of the gas, the following dot is 60% and the largest dot is for full gas transfer. The largest setting should ONLY be used on light loads with less than 1,200fps. RUNNING THE SHOTGUN WITH HEAVY LOADS ON THE HIGHER SETTINGS WILL CAUSE UNNECESSARY DAMAGE TO YOUR GUN AND MAY VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!!

The desired dot setting should be lined up with
the detent. To adjust, Simply press down on the Detent and then Rotate the Gas Regulator. The regulator should begin from the completely screwed in position and then backed out to the desired setting. As your platform breaks in, you may be able to use a smaller dot for your ammunition. This will benefit the user as it will reduce the amount of felt recoil as well as save wear to the internal parts.

It should be noted that some ammunition will not cycle a semi automatic magazine fed shotgun. There are some #8 & #7&1/2 that simply will not cycle these shotguns. Winchester Universal & most rounds that are labeled "Target Loads" and similar cheap bulk pack ammunition will not work frequently. There are also some "roll crimp" "00" rounds that will give you failure to feeds and failure to eject as well. If a setting doesn't work for you try some different ammunition before assuming the shotgun is at fault.