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1. Does my firearm require a break in?

Yes, most firearms will benefit from a good break-in cycle. When you receive your firearm: read your instruction manual for a good overview of the controls and other information, ensure your firearm is unloaded, disassemble your firearm, clean and properly lubricate it per the instructions, cycle the action a few times to ensure all parts are moving freely. Head to the range and run some high-quality ammunition through your firearm.

Typically you will see performance and reliability become consistent after the first initial uses of the firearm. Clean and lubricate as needed during break-in.

1911 pistols typically will need 100-300rds of ammunition, we recommend FMJ ammo for break-in.

Shotguns typically will require 50-100rds of ammunition, we recommend a heavy load of 1oz or heavier for break in.

2. Do you sell to individuals?

Firearms are only available for purchase through our FFL Distributors and Dealers, please contact your preferred dealer for ordering. Parts, Magazines, and certain Accessories are available to purchase at SDSImports.com as well.

3. What is SDS Imports Warranty?

Our firearms have a limited warranty for ONE YEAR from the original purchase and are not transferable. Please see our Warranty Page for more information.

4. Can I fire +P Ammunition in my pistol?

Yes. +P ammo is loaded to produce more velocity, pressure and power than standard ammunition. This will result in more recoil and wear on parts of your firearm more than standard ammunition.

5. Do you ship Standard Capacity Mags to where I live?

Magazines over certain capacities may not be shipped to the following destinations:

California: No magazines over 10 rounds.

Illinois: No magazines over the below capacities will be shipped to customers with shipping addresses in the following areas.

  • Aurora, Illinois: maximum capacity of 15 rounds.

  • Cook County, Illinois: maximum capacity of 10 rounds.

  • Chicago, Illinois: maximum capacity of 10 rounds.

Colorado: No magazines over 15 rounds.

Connecticut: No magazines over 10 rounds.

District of Columbia: No magazines over 10 rounds.

Hawaii: No magazines over 10 rounds.

Maryland: No magazines over 10 rounds.

Massachusetts: No magazines over 10 rounds.

New Jersey: No magazines over 10 rounds.

New York: No magazines over 10 rounds.

Vermont: No magazines over 10 rounds.

1. What sights for my 1911 Duty/Carry/Bantam series pistol?

Sights using the "Novak" Style Cut dovetail will fit the Carry/Duty/Bantam Model. We highly suggest having a gunsmith install these or using a sight pusher tool for installing and minor fitting may be required.

2. Why is my 1911 jamming and/or experiencing feeding issues?

Several factors can influence your 1911's reliability. Here are few things to look at:

1. Improper Grip: Use a firm grip as high on the beavertail as you can and keep a straight wrist as you fire the pistol.

2. Ammunition: Use high-quality ammo with a properly shaped bullet. Hollow Points with a flat or blunt tip may cause jamming, find a more rounded type.

3. Cheap aftermarket magazines and cause feeding issues. Also extended mags can cause issues as well.

4. Improper cleaning and under lubrication.

1. What sights fit my PX-9 series pistol?

Gen 2- Sights using the Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size 9/40® will fit your.
Gen 3 - Sights using the Glock 17 cut will fit your GEN 3 model pistols.

We highly suggest having a gunsmith install these or using a sight pusher tool for installing, minor fitting may be required.

2. What magazines fit my PX-9 Pistol?

Both generations of the PX-9 utilize the Sig 226® pattern magazines. These are available from several aftermarket companies in varying capacities. The OEM magazine for the PX-9 is made by Mec-Gar.

3. What ammo best feeds through my PX-9?

The PX-9 was designed as a service pistol and was optimized for functionlity with Nato Specification 124gr. FMJ Ammo.

1. What style magazines fit my shotgun?

Lynx, Cheetah and Civet models use the popular Russian Saiga® style magazine. These are available from several companies in varying capacities. Please be aware that magazines may need to be fitted to engage the locking tab on your firearm.

BLP M12, ANG 4, NK1 and MKX3 utilize the Turkish T-1919® style magazine. These are available from several companies in varying capacities.

2. What Choke Tube fit my shotguns?

All current model shotguns with internally threaded barrels utilize Benelli/Mobil® pattern choke tubes.

Lynx/Civet/Cheetah models with external thread will require an aftermarket choke tube designed to fit Saiga pattern threads.

3. What gas port setting should I use on my piston operated shotgun?

There are four port settings on the gas regulator piston:
0 - Closed
1 - Smallest Opening,
2 - Medium Opening
3 - Largest Opening

Gas Port Setting

Ammo Load Type


Single Shot


3" Shells/Slugs
Velocity 1450+
Load 1-1/8 Oz+


2-3/4” Shells
Velocity 1350 – 1475 fps
Load ≥1-1/8 Oz


2-3/4” Shells
Velocity 1250 - 1375 fps
Load ≥1 Oz

Using improper ammunition/load for the selected recommended port setting on your Gas Piston operated shotgun can result in damage to your firearm, which will void your firearms warranty.

All sales of firearms are final, we do not accept returns or issue refunds on firearms.

Parts, Accessories, and Magazines purchased from SDSImports.com may be returned within 30days of purchase. All items must be in NEW condition and in the original package. Any items that have been used, modified, damaged due to abuse or negligence cannot be returned or exchanged. The customer is responsible for shipping expenses and must obtain a Return Authorization from SDS Imports prior to returns being accepted.

Refunds and Exchanges are not guaranteed and shall be issued at the discretion of SDS Imports in either a full or prorated amount.